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This is the website of artist and printmaker, Jon Everitt. I live and work in Portsmouth and Southsea in Hampshire. I work mainly in acrylic and watercolour but I also make wood engravings and linocuts. I will update these blog pages and other content as regularly as possible. Please subscribe and feel free to send comments.

It’s been a while

Apr 5, 2014 | No Comments

There are two exciting things (for me anyway) coming up this year. The first is the Mayfly Festival of Music and Art which takes place on the 5th of May at the Square Tower in Old Portsmouth. This is a one day event set in a 15th Century fortification centred round an art & crafts […]

Micro exhibition

Feb 18, 2014 | No Comments
Micro exhibition

Those of you who show their work in group exhibitions, as I often do, might share that slight apprehension as to how well their work will display alongside that of another artist. If I’m exhibiting with all my friends in Through Different Eyes then of course we can negotiate to display our work to its […]

New year resolutely…

Jan 9, 2014 | No Comments
New year resolutely…

I started to panic a little towards the end of last year and felt awful that I had not shown any work, apart from a small and delightful group show in Flushing, Cornwall. However a previous lovely client/customer/patron produced a truly wonderful brief for two paintings which gave me a perfect opportunity to start work […]

Help save the South Parade Pier!

Dec 9, 2013 | No Comments

I live in Southsea on the Hampshire coast and one of the glories of our rather undervalued town is the wonderful Edwardian pier. After years of neglect, a small group of dedicated volunteers is trying to prevent it being brought so low that it eventually becomes impossible to effect economical repairs. To help with this […]

Exhibition news

Nov 29, 2013 | No Comments

I’m going to have another exhibition in the South of France! From the 4th to the29th of June I shall be showing in Ceretagain. I’ll post. Further details as I find the out.

Studio now complete

Nov 28, 2013 | No Comments

My studio is finished and up and working. I’m in the middle of two large commissions which are keeping me busy till mid December. Then it’s “All Systems Go!” into the new year to prepare for a month long exhibition in the south of France during June

New studio

Aug 19, 2013 | No Comments

I’m so excited! After nearly a year of inactivity caused by travel and house hunting, I am finally within an ace of finishing work on my new studio, thanks mainly to my chum the ever resourceful and practical Richard Foxton. It used to be the middle bedroom but Jude got sick of me utilising the […]

Tentative beginnings

Jan 15, 2013 | No Comments

Well. The Christmas card finally got done and, as it’s not a particularly Christmassy object I shall run a short edition of 25 in navy blue on japanese print paper. If you would like one of these please mail me for a price. The good news (as far as I’m concerned) is that I have […]

Right! To action!

Dec 4, 2012 | No Comments

That’s certainly a decisive headline. One born of the frantic realisation that I have not posted anything in a very long time. This is partly due to the fact that I’ve not painted, engraved,cut, printed or made anything and desperation is starting to set in. So this weekend work gets underway for the annual panic […]

The perfect space

Jul 30, 2012 | No Comments

It’s been quite along time since I last added anything to this blog. I had just been on a very good blogging course at Southampton University and was fired up to post on a more regular basis. Sadly my lovely Mother in Law died in early June and everything stopped for a while. We have […]


May 18, 2012 | 2 Comments

It’s that awful feeling of having time to do the work and then becoming so self-hypercritical that painting becomes a tortuous fight with myself to knuckle down and do something useful. Of course, a deadline helps the process. Sadly, I am not one those artists who feels a twenty four hour compulsion to create images […]

Showing off

May 17, 2012 | No Comments

I’ve just spent the evening with a bunch of really nice, talented and generous people at the King’s Theatre in Southsea for the first ever ‘Evening of Art’. I’d forgotten how nerve wracking trying to talk about one’s own pictures can be. But it was delightful to meet other artists from the surrounding area and […]

Different colours

Mar 29, 2012 | No Comments

I’ve concentrated on acrylic paints for such a long time now that they seem to be second nature to me and I’ve become used to the difficulties of mixing enough paint, fast drying time and ugly paint build ups.But I find that I still struggle with achieving good skin tones and I feel that acrylics […]

The disappearing artwork

Mar 4, 2012 | One Comment

One of the main problems with painting pictures is the inevitable fact that, once completed, pictures tend to have to be sold and thereon hangs a problem. I’m not a mass producer of paintings and I tend to live with them for fairly protracted periods of time while they are worked on, changed, panicked over, […]

Where does it come from

Feb 29, 2012 | No Comments

Many people who see my pictures ask where the ideas come from. What are my sources of inspiration? Why do I paint what I paint? How do I get the ideas? The process is impossible to sum up in a few paragraphs and there is not really a hard and fast answer to any of […]

Why do I paint?

Feb 12, 2012 | No Comments

For years I painted, not at all. I felt guilty when I looked at other artists work and horribly jealous when I went to galleries. I bought books about art and the artists I loved (and still love). I went to exhibitions, I looked at art and I felt lousy. ‘I could do that’ is […]

Getting all the kit

Feb 2, 2012 | No Comments

I have always ridiculed the sort of person that, as well as buying the complete wooden box of art materials, also buys the special painting clothes (especially a smock and straw hat). If you feel that you need to dress up specially to paint then I would suggest that perhaps painting is not the right […]

Getting the hang of this stuff..

Jan 31, 2012 | No Comments

The site is beginning to take shape and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Finally working out how to get work into portfolios and projects. Actually it’s not that difficult but it takes a while to get used to a new workflow and there are always the niggly bits where one […]

At last!

Jan 30, 2012 | One Comment

After a day of wrestling with unfamiliar stuff like ISPs and trying to get my domain name back , I’ve finally managed to get a new domain and set up this lovely new blogness.

The longest day

Nov 2, 2011 | No Comments

This is turning into one of the longest site redesigns in History. It’s been such a busy year so far that I only just seem to have started painting again and without paintings there did seem to be much of a point in modernising the site. However painting has started and the site should start […]